Inside Pitta brow serum | Nature’s best for your brows

Inside Pitta brow serum | Nature’s best for your brows

Inside Pitta brow serum | Nature’s best for your brows

Over 10,000 of you asked us to achieve for your eyebrows what we’ve already done for your hair: Reduced shedding, improved growth and boosted thickness, fullness and nourishment. Pitta brow serum delivers it all, in a formula like no other.


Our daily brow booster is an innovation in hair growth and health. No synthetic thickeners or silicone-based smoothers. Just one intensive, 98% natural complex of unique-to-us actives transforming sparse or thinning brows, long-term. Here’s how...

A bespoke approach to brow growth and health

We began by building on our clinically proven Pitta Growth Technology. Already harnessed in bestselling Pitta growth serum, 90% of those using our iconic hair growth scalp complex saw reduced hair loss, while 88% said hair looked thicker and fuller*.

As the brow hair growth cycle differs from scalp hair, we knew some customisation was needed. Brows’ cycle is shorter with a faster turnover; hairs shed and regrow more rapidly. To prevent sparse patches and ensure consistent brow density, we applied a bespoke ingredient approach:

We intensified the dose of Tetrapeptides. This higher concentration of Biomimetic Amino Acids and biochanin A-rich Red Clover Extract supports brow hair’s unique attributes. Continuous growth stimulation is encouraged, helping avoid gaps appearing, while consistent brow fullness, strength and structure are all boosted to help limit shedding.

A Polyphenol and Polynucleotide complex no other brow serum uses. For maximum nutrient efficacy and direct brow root action, we encapsulate it in a Hyaluronic Acid delivery system - providing antioxidant protection, and improved brow hair condition, density and thickness.

Haritaki Fruit, an icon in Ayurvedic science and key ingredient in Pitta growth serum and our volumising shampoo and conditioner. Here, it helps reduce the effects of oxidative stress on brow hair follicle ageing while also strengthening and nourishing brow hair.

Caffeine - hailed a ‘stimulator of human hair growth’ and another hero active in Pitta growth serum. It targets DHT, the hair loss hormone, signalling the cell cycle to remain in the resting phase and therefore delay brow shedding.

A Creatine Amino Acid, identical to the natural Creatine occurring in hair and skin. It enhances brow volume and body while improving the dried-out feeling of wiry or brittle-feeling hair.

Thicker, fuller-looking brow growth, naturally restored

We can’t wait to hear about your transformational results with Pitta brow serum. Intensive and innovative, it’s here to help you realise thicker, fuller-looking brow growth, naturally.

“Finally a product that works! I over-plucked my brows when I was younger and have tried everything to make them full again. This has saved my eyebrows!”

"I can't believe these are now my natural brows! They’ve transformed in 8 weeks since using this daily serum! As the gaps lessen, I'm using so much less pomade and pencils."

Read more reviews and purchase Pitta brow serum here.


* Independent User trial studies 2022. Results based on a 100 person and separate 30 person study, applying once daily over 12 weeks

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