Glycation | Why we need to address it for long-term hair health

Glycation | Why we need to address it for long-term hair health

Glycation | Why we need to address it for long-term hair health

Heard of glycation? It may ring a bell with readers of Journal articles on our Pitta range. Otherwise it remains much lesser-known in regular media. We intend to change that.


Diet, genetics, pollution and haircare all influence how hair’s condition changes over time. So does glycation. In fact, it’s a leading cause of ageing, affecting hair’s structural integrity.

Addressing it is key to lasting hair health - here’s how your Chāmpo routine helps achieve this.

What is glycation?

Glycation is a natural chemical reaction taking place in our bodies binding sugar to proteins (such as keratin, collagen and elastin). This causes them to become compromised - not ideal when you consider hair is 95% keratin.

Add to this rising oxidative stress, UV exposure and hormonal change as we age and a ‘perfect storm’ is created. Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) accumulate and combine in hair proteins causing premature follicle ageing, leaving hair more prone to breakage, thinning, frizz, dryness and damage.

Tackling glycation

While you can’t completely ‘head off’ glycation (excuse the pun), there’s a lot we can do in our daily haircare routine to counter its effects and hold on to strong, glossy and healthy hair.

Nature’s no.1 answer

Haritaki Fruit; a hero Ayurvedic active and key ingredient in our award-winning Pitta hair system. It’s rich in antioxidants, minerals, (selenium, iron, copper), vitamin c and proteins, which all help nourish and strengthen hair. Importantly, studies from 2010-2014 showed it effectively reduces glycation.

Our glycation-reducing routine

  • Step 1 | Apply Pitta growth serum daily
    While our award-winning hair growth serum is clinically proven to reduce shedding, it also plays a crucial role in optimising hair and scalp resilience and healthy condition - better equipping them to counter glycation’s effects.

    Alongside antioxidant Haritaki, it harnesses Tetrapeptides, Hyaluronic Acid, plus both Creatine and Lipo Amino Acids (protein’s building blocks). A few drops massaged into the scalp daily works to help neutralise free radicals, oxidative stress and AGEs, improve the dried-out feel of brittle hair and foster an environment that enhances hair strength, vitality and longevity.

  • Step 2 | Use a protective shampoo
    Harnessing antioxidants across your hair routine is the best line of defence against glycation’s effects. Pitta volumising shampoo contains Haritaki while another important antioxidant, Gluconolactone, is in all three of our shampoos. This binds tofree radicals, neutralises their effects and promotes hair and scalp resilience.

  • Step 3 | Keep hair conditioned
    Hydrated hair is a must to counter dry, brittle strands caused by glycation. Choose formulas rich in plant-based fatty acids and antioxidants that promote moisture retention, elasticity and protection from environmental stressors.
    - Amla and King Coconut | Inside Vata hydrating conditioner. Amla is said to contain one of the highest concentrations of plant-based vitamin C while both actives are rich in fatty acids.
    - Gluconolactone and Haritaki | Inside Pitta volumising conditioner - discussed above.
    - Turmeric and Macadamia Seed | Inside Kapha balancing conditioner - the latter is said to contain the highest concentration of essential fatty acids than any other nut oil.

  • Step 4 | Take two Pitta hair gummies daily
    Hair thrives on a healthy scalp. Therefore, adding the right supplement to your routine will promote better scalp balance and vitality, helping optimise healthy hair growth in the face of glycation.
    - Biotin | A B-vitamin that contributes to healthy hair maintenance, said to aid keratin production (which can be compromised by glycation)
    - Omega-3 fatty acids | Known to help maintain the natural oil balance on the scalp and in hair.
    - Minerals | Zinc and Selenium help maintain follicle and hair health, and shield from stressors.

    You’ll find these, and other essential minerals and nutrients, in super supplement, Pitta hair gummies.

  • Step 5 | Apply Pitta brow serum daily
    Brittle hair, thinning and breakage don’t just occur from the scalp. That’s why over 10,000 of you asked us to create Pitta brow serum.

    Our intensive brow booster also contains Haritaki, intensified Tetrapeptides and Creatine Amino Acid. Applied daily, it helps reduce the effects of oxidative stress on brow follicle ageing, nourish and strengthen hair, and improve the feel of wiry, brittle brows.

Intrigued to know more about Haritaki’s abundant hair benefits? Explore this exceptional active here.


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