Understanding hair shedding | Our Trichologist’s tips

Understanding hair shedding | Our Trichologist’s tips

Understanding hair shedding | Our Trichologist’s tips

Shedding is part of every hair cycle, occurring in the final ‘exogen’ stage. While there’s no exact ‘normal’ rate, losing 100 strands per day is the average. Should your normal number increase, your hair cycle may have been disrupted. We have three easy tips to get you back on track...

Hair Masterclass

Take our Trichologist’s best course of action for hair shedding.

Seasons, styling practices, stress or hormonal shifts can initiate a rise in hair shedding. We all wish to hold on to hair for longer, build strength from root to tip and minimise excess shedding from breakage… the good news is, our daily hair routine goes far in achieving this.

  1. Start with scalp care
    The most important thing you can do to either avert or address excess hair shedding is to look after your scalp. Your first port of call for this is Pitta growth serum.

    Packed with anti-hair-loss actives Caffeine, Creatine, Peptide Amino Acids and Red Clover Extract, our trichological scalp treatment helps halt shedding and optimise healthy growth. When used daily, our testers saw shedding reduce and hair’s thickness and fullness improve within just 6-12 weeks.

    Cleansing is another crucial scalp care step in protecting against excess shedding. Our shampoos are free of SLS and SLES, instead harnessing gentle, naturally cleansing Coconut, Corn and fruit extracts. The scalp feels clean with no risk of stripping natural oils or weakening strand integrity.

    Of course, our shampoos look after more than just your scalp. Trichologically formulated for different hair types, they also help rejuvenate damage, strengthen, hydrate and protect from breakage. Choose Vata hydrating for dry, damaged hair, Pitta volumising if hair is fine or thinning, and Kapha balancing for oily or full strands.

    Unsure of your hair type? Our Hair Quiz will enlighten in minutes.

  2. Stay nourished
    Keeping strands moisturised and well hydrated is key to limiting excess shedding caused by breakage. In line with your hair type and texture needs, find precise, tailormade care in our silicone-free, 98% natural conditioners.

    Our #1 for dry, damaged or difficult hair Vata hydrating conditioner deeply softens, protects and smooths with its blend of antioxidant Amla, moisturising Soya Bean and nourishing King Coconut.

    Fine, fragile hair prone to thinning or hair loss will see thickness, strength and fullness improve from first use with our Haritaki and Gluconolactone enriched Pitta volumising conditioner.

    For oily roots, full lengths or coarse ends, award-winning Kapha balancing conditioner harnesses toning Turmeric and nourishing Coconut to restore harmony, lustre and healthy condition.

    Expert tip… Increase results by combing conditioner through hair with our Conditioner comb, before rinsing. Doing so, you’ll distribute the concentrated formula evenly, meaning you use less and still improve smoothness, softness and elasticity.

  3. Stay on top of daily strength
    When conquering any concerns, consistency really matters. With hair shedding in particular, keep hair protected and conditioned by applying Leave-in perfecting cream every day (not just on hair washing days).

    99% natural, silicone-free and ideal for all hair types, it contains our own, unique Acti-power™ Complex along with Haritaki, Abyssinica and Jojoba. With continued use, broken internal keratin bonds are strengthened and restored (including in coloured or chemically treated hair), protection from styling damage is boosted and hair’s moisture, elasticity and vitality soar.

“Amazing results happen when you commit to a haircare routine. Cleanse, condition, treat your scalp and use a daily bond-builder - the more you use these products together, the better they perform. You’ll love how quickly hair’s condition and strength improve.”
Kuldeep Knox, Chāmpo Founder

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