Thicker, fuller brows. Naturally | Pitta brow serum

Thicker, fuller brows. Naturally | Pitta brow serum

Thicker, fuller brows. Naturally | Pitta brow serum

Our desire for and love of full, thick eyebrows runs deep. We know, though, that very few of us are naturally blessed with them. Having been motivated by hair transformations using our clinically proven Pitta growth serum, over 10,000 of you reached out requesting we do the same for your brows.

Hair Masterclass

Meet Pitta brow serum. A 98% natural innovation optimising brow health and its growth cycle. Discover the game-changing benefits of its active ingredients and how it’s already helped converts reclaim thicker, fuller growth and natural brow confidence.

Getting to the root of healthy brow growth

Over-plucking, age-related thinning or a simple wish for more fullness - thousands of you told us about your sparse brows and need for an easy, long-term solution beyond the pencils, pomades and other serums you’ve tried without success. We knew we could help you achieve your goals.

With its clinically proven results, Pitta growth serum and its Pitta Growth Technology was the perfect base to build from...

“Pitta growth serum and Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner represent the world’s highest performing, natural haircare system for hair loss and thinning. Pitta brow serum brings you the very best growth technology from these three award winners and takes it further for optimal brow health.”
Kuldeep, Chāmpo founder

We applied this iconic, award-winning delivery system to Pitta brow serum and intensified it with high dose Tetrapeptides, Polyphenols and Ayurvedic Haritaki Fruit Extract. The result was a 98% natural, precision-made complex designed to target nutrients direct to the brow root for maximum efficacy and optimised brow growth cycle support.

It helps minimise and protect from excess shedding, enhance growth and boost brow hair thickness, fullness and strength - without silicones or parabens, and suitable for all skin types.
(Intrigued to know more about how Pitta brow serum’s ingredients work? Explore each powerful, natural active in our dedicated article.)

Natural brow beauty and confidence, restored

Within weeks, Pitta brow serum testers saw transformational improvements to brow growth, thickness and fullness.

"I can't believe these are now my natural brows! They’ve transformed in 8 weeks since using this daily serum! As the gaps lessen, I'm using so much less pomade and pencils."

“I over-plucked my brows when I was younger and have tried everything to make them full again. Finally a product that works! This has saved my eyebrows!”

“I've been applying Pitta brow serum daily for around 6 weeks. It's done a marvellous job of filling in my patchy, over-plucked eyebrows. Really impressed!”

Easy, every day

Though rich in potent actives, Pitta brow serum is ultra-light, non-greasy and fast-drying - ideal for use every day in your beauty routine… which is exactly how to ensure maximum results.

Following our 2-step technique, expect visible improvements in brow shedding, growth, thickness and fullness in 6-8 weeks:

  1. Morning and evening, after cleansing and drying skin, use the wand to apply 1 swipe to each brow.
  2. Massage into brows using fingertips and allow 1-2 minutes of dry time before grooming and styling brows.

Don’t forget: Take a photo of your brows before you start using Pitta brow serum to really see its incredible results over time.

Find out more about Pitta brow serum and purchase it here.


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