Pitta hair gummies | Hair health, from within

Pitta hair gummies | Hair health, from within

Pitta hair gummies | Hair health, from within

Creating Pitta growth serum broke boundaries in natural haircare innovation. Today, it’s revived healthier hair growth for hundreds of thousands of converts and is backed by industry-leading clinical trial results for hair loss. We didn’t stop there, of course, we wanted to help you more.

Hair Masterclass

Introducing Pitta hair gummies. A unique, clean and complete, daily hair supplement complex of essential vitamins, minerals and Ayurvedic plant extracts. Boosting Pitta growth serum’s results from the inside out, helping you achieve strong, healthy hair.

The next, natural step

We all know that a wholesome, balanced diet is crucial to healthy hair growth, especially if experiencing hair thinning or loss. In reality, modern life demands affect how we eat, sleep, exercise and feel. The nutritional needs of our bodies and hair now outweigh what we consume.

Pitta growth serum helps immensely, improving scalp health and stimulating hair follicles from the outside. To really optimise thicker, fuller hair growth, though, internal support is needed too. Work began formulating Pitta hair gummies.

“Unlocking complete hair health is my ultimate goal. Pitta hair gummies hold the key. Unlike any other gummy, they unite trichology, nutrition and Ayurveda for maximum results and efficacy.”
Kuldeep, Chāmpo founder

Working with Nutritionists and Trichologists, we designed the cleanest, most complete and synergistic supplement possible:
  • A high potency Biotin Vitamin Complex
  • Essential Selenium and Zinc Minerals
  • A suite of six Ayurvedic super naturals

Together, these optimised nutritional building blocks support every stage of the hair growth cycle - nourishing hair follicles from within to promote the best conditions for healthy growth. They help prevent hair thinning, support strength and restore hair vitality. The extra bonus? They also contribute to skin and nail health. (Discover more detail on our gummies formula here.)

The daily routine for success

Like all our products, to really ensure you benefit, we knew Pitta hair gummies had to easily fit in your daily routine (and, of course, taste great). We use only natural summer berry flavours in our vegan, gluten-free gummies and taking just 2 per day, with or without food, is all you need.

Getting started on your hair health journey

Achieving hair growth goals takes time and consistency (just like most other ambitions). Hair cycle stages span a lengthy time period (learn about them here) and supporting hair as it passes through each one needs continuity.

For best results, take 2 Pitta hair gummies daily for at least 90 days. In this time and then ongoing, our bodies can fully absorb the vitamins and nutrients, pass them through to hair follicles and truly make strides in successfully helping you realise all your hair health dreams.

Find out more about Pitta hair gummies and purchase yours here.

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