Our clinically proven hero to reduce hair loss

Our clinically proven hero to reduce hair loss

Our clinically proven hero to reduce hair loss

From early panel testing to present day, thousands of Chāmpo converts name Pitta growth serum their hair growth hero. Reviews hail how it greatly slows hair loss, breakage or shedding, improves growth and revives visibly thicker, fuller, stronger hair - all without heaviness or greasiness.

Hair Masterclass

While we knew our 98% natural complex was something rather special, we were intrigued if scientific study would validate such exceptional results.

Spoiler alert, it did. And, as you’ll soon discover, the outcomes of these independent trials were even better than we’d hoped. Pitta growth serum’s status as an industry-leading natural hair growth scalp treatment is now proven.

Thicker, fuller, less sensitivity

100 independent consumer testers were asked to use Pitta growth serum daily for 12 weeks. At the end of the trial:
  • 89% agreed hair looked thicker
  • 88% confirmed hair looked fuller
  • 87% had less scalp sensitivity
  • 93% saw less scalp flakiness

Reduced hair loss, shedding and breakage

After 12 weeks of daily use of Pitta growth serum, a 30-person independent clinical trial confirmed our award winning scalp treatment was proven to:
  • Reduce broken hair count by an average of 77.8%
  • Reduce normal hair loss and shedding by an average of 57.7%

“The undeniable need for a treatment complex like Pitta growth serum kick-started Chāmpo’s entire being. These proven results give women hope that they can conquer hair loss, shedding or thinning naturally and effectively.”
Kuldeep Knox, Chāmpo Founder

The ultimate hair growth scalp treatment for all hair types

We couldn’t be more thrilled with what these incredible results mean for all of you on a mission for healthy hair and scalp condition. Hair loss, shedding, breakage or thinning are concerns most of us experience - brought on by factors including stress, diet deficiency, pollution or hormonal change. Adding award-winning Pitta growth serum into your daily routine goes far in stopping these triggers in their tracks and markedly diminishing their effects.

Lightweight yet ingredient dense, its 98% natural complex soothes, stimulates and strengthens with an active blend of Haritaki Extract, Caffeine and Creatine. No silicones, no parabens, no fillers; just one easy-to-use scalp treatment proven to reduce hair loss and maintain optimal scalp condition.

Consumer & clinical trials | What makes them different?

For those unsure of the distinction between consumer and clinical trials…

Our consumer trials involved a panel of 100 people using Pitta growth serum once a day over 12 weeks. Each person was asked to answer questions, providing their view on how it made a difference to their hair and scalp, meaning these results are subjective.

Our clinical trials took place over the same time period and with the same usage, but were carried out under clinical conditions in a lab. Results on 30 separate trial participants’ hair were measured using the ‘Brush Friction Comb Method’ before, during and after the trial, meaning these results are objective.

* Independent User trial studies 2022. Results based on a 100 person and separate 30 person study, applying once daily over 12 weeks.

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