Hair growth & how to boost it

Hair growth & how to boost it

Hair growth & how to boost it

Short, long, straight or coiled, every one of us here is looking for strong, nourished and healthy hair growth. For some, however, this process feels like it takes far too long. Surely something can be done to help it along..? It certainly can. 

Hair Masterclass

Let’s shed some light on hair growth and how to fully harness it.

How fast does hair grow?

On average, hair grows at a rate of about 0.5 inches per month, or 6 inches per year. However, it’s greatly influenced by genetics, age, gender, season, stress and scalp health. What’s more, half an inch of growth in curly or coiled hair won’t look much compared to straight or wavy hair. And if you’re prone to excess breakage, growth will appear far slower than it really is.

The hair cycle

Better understanding the three stages in hair’s natural growth cycle helps identify what’s happening and how it can be boosted:
1. Anagen | Active growth, lasting approximately 3-5 years. Around 90% of our hair is in this phase at any given time.
2. Catagen | Transition, lasting 2-3 weeks. Hair stops growing.
3. Telogen | Resting, lasting 3-4 months. This accounts for the 100-150 strands of hair we shed, on average, each day.

Enhancing growth

While scientists continue to study how to prolong or speed up the anagen stage, following a routine that supports across all the hair growth cycle will optimise hair strength, breakage protection and length during and after this active growth phase.

Top 3 hair growth tips

  1. Start with scalp health
    Skin needs diligent care every day to stay in the very best health and the same goes for your scalp too.

    Daily | Start the morning by taking two Pitta hair gummies. Our unique supplement combines enhanced B-vitamins, essential minerals and nutrients to promote improved scalp condition on which stronger, healthier hair can grow.
    Next, massage in a few drops of Pitta growth serum each morning. Our advanced treatment harnesses Caffeine, Creatine and Chebula to soothe and invigorate the scalp, help halt hair loss and promote healthier growth.

    On wash days | Keep your scalp clean with our gentle, sulphate-free, targeted Shampoos. For a deep, build-up and dead skin cell clearing cleanse, add in our Shampoo brush. The added bonus? Its massaging action stimulates circulation and promotes strong, healthy growth.

  2. Keep hair nourished
    Hair’s outer lipid layer plays a crucial role in keeping hair healthy, strong, manageable and shiny. To help keep it in great shape, every hair type must use a moisture-rich conditioner. Whether fine and thinning, dry/damaged or oily/full, our trichologically tailored Conditioners help you achieve all your hair needs and goals with their fortifying, silicone-free, 98% natural formulas.

  3. Get bond building
    As an extra layer of protection against damage or breakage from external stressors, add a leave-in, bond-strengthening treatment to your daily hair routine. Leave-in perfecting cream is designed for exactly this. 99% natural, lightweight and silicone-free, this all-purpose complex offers hair even more than exceptional smoothing, shine-boosting, volumising and heat-protecting benefits. Enriched with a breakthrough Acti-power™ Complex, it also strengthens and restores internal keratin bonds, leaving hair full of body and up to 3x stronger.



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