How to use Pitta growth serum

How to use Pitta growth serum

How to use Pitta growth serum

Reducing hair loss and breakage, increasing strength by up to 400%, and enhancing fullness and thickness… Pitta growth serum delivers some truly game-changing and clinically proven benefits.

Hair Masterclass

Whether your hair Dosha is Vata, Pitta or Kapha, whatever solution you seek, these are the daily steps to follow for best results.

The best start

A clean scalp is essential for better absorption of Pitta growth serum. Hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed - simply make sure your scalp is free of dry shampoo, styling product build up or excess dirt and grease, as these restrict results.

Targeted application

Section your dry or towel-dried hair so that the specific area(s) needing a hair growth boost are easily accessible.

  • Fill the Pitta growth serum pipette and apply 1-2 drops directly onto the area(s).
  • Gently massage in with your fingertips until Pitta growth serum is fully absorbed. Style as usual.

    Full scalp application

    Tackling general hair breakage, thinning or all-over scalp irritation? This is the how-to for you.
    1. Divide your hairline into three sections from front to back:
      (a) Create a central parting line from the hairline to the nape of the neck.
      (b) Create a second section from the left temple to the crown.
      (c) Repeat from the right temple to the crown to create the third section.

    2. Fill the Pitta growth serum pipette. Apply 2-3 drops in each of the three sections.
      Oilier or heavy roots? Start small by applying 1-2 drops in each section.

    3. Gently massage Pitta growth serum into each section with your fingertips or our Shampoo brush, using circular motions. Style as usual.

    Our Trichologist’s #1 must-do | Daily use

    Consistency is key with Pitta growth serum. Applying it daily ensures continuous nourishment and stimulation of hair follicles throughout their growth cycle, which delivers healthier, long-lasting growth and strength, plus less shedding and breakage.

    A seamless routine fit

    We formulated Pitta growth serum to seamlessly fit into your daily haircare routine. Its super-light texture sinks in fast leaving no greasy residue. So, if applying it in the morning before you style your hair works best for you, that’s when to do it. Alternatively, use it as a pre-bedtime treat and spend a little longer enjoying the scalp massage.

    On wash days, apply it after towel-drying freshly washed hair for optimal results.

    Massage matters

    We’ve long sung the praises of scalp massage for helping promote blood (and, therefore, nutrient) flow to the area. The added benefit of the small, circular motions we recommend is that they also ensure Pitta growth serum is evenly distributed and better absorbed where you really need it.

    Tracking your progress

    Hair growth doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a gradual process. Our independent clinical and consumer trials proved results over 12 weeks, though thousands of converts report results in as little as 6 weeks.

    This shows that the small, easy, daily steps we recommend above really add up to significant, lasting improvements for hair loss, thinning, breakage and strength. Lock it in to your daily care and styling routine and enjoy watching your hair flourish!
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