How to use Leave-in perfecting cream

How to use Leave-in perfecting cream

How to use Leave-in perfecting cream

It’s the sleek pink tube bringing big hair health transformations. Indeed, tens of thousands of Converts tell us from first use that they never want to be without Leave-in perfecting cream again. Do you know all 10 of its brilliant hair benefits?

Hair Masterclass

Leave-in perfecting cream’s list of benefits goes on… and on. It’s proven to reduce damage, improve condition, enhance shine, instantly smooth and more. 

10 benefits, 1 bottle

We created Leave-in perfecting cream following countless requests for a styling product as high performance and credible as our haircare: one that was silicone-free, exceptionally natural and hugely transformational. We knew, though, we could make something even better than this. 

In a bid to simplify and streamline daily hair routines, preventing you from needing multiple bottles for each need, we formulated one 99% natural product that did the job of them all - on damp or dry hair, and every hair type, length and texture. So, whatever your hair Dosha or styling goal, here’s how to use Leave-in perfecting cream each day for your best results.

Bond-builder | Leave-in conditioner | Styling cream | Texturiser | Detangler |
Definer | Primer | Protector | Frizz fighter | Gloss

“Seriously, I have never used a product that has had such an enormous effect on my hair. Best thing ever.” Andrea

Enjoy your best results, every day 

Hair wash days

Protect pre-blow-dry or air-drying 

  • On fresh, towel-dried, damp hair, work a couple of pumps into mid-lengths and ends to prime, detangle and heat protect

The added bonus? You’ll also find hair easier to style and enjoy a smoother, frizz-free finish.  

“This is a game changer. I have fine hair - it’s not easy to make it shiny, give it volume and stop frizz at the same time without weighing it down. I’ve also found blow-drying doesn’t take as long.” Eva

Easier styling

  • Enjoy enhanced definition, bounce, manageability and gloss by smoothing a little more through straight, wavy or coiled hair.

“Perfect perfecting cream! I always use it after washing my hair to protect it, and smooth some in at night. It's so versatile and with no grotty build-up like so many other products I've tried.” Jane

Every day

Whether it's your hand cream or lip balm, you know how your skin feels so much more supple, nourished and soft with regular application through the day. The same applies for hair. 

In independent tests, 93% of people using Leave-in perfecting cream daily saw less hair damage in just 4 weeks*. This regular use means our Acti-power™ complex can deeply penetrate hair fibres, to rebuild and strengthen broken keratin bonds in the inner cortex by up to 3X. 

“I use this every day on both wet and dry hair. It NEVER feels sticky, never dulls my hair, makes my hair feel stronger, and removes all frizz and dry bits.” Wendy

Daily damaged bond repair 

  • Smooth over dry mid-lengths and ends each day to maximise Leave-in perfecting cream bond-building benefits. 

“A game changer! I have fine hair which is prone to breaking. This has made a massive difference - my hair is stronger and feels thicker.” Julie

Instant de-frizz

  • Have a bottle ready in your bag or desk drawer to tame dry, frizzy hair on demand, triggered by heat, humidity or pollution on the daily commute.

“Completely tames any frizz in my long hair without weighing it down. Has heat protection as well. Just 3 pumps and that’s it, no need for any sprays or potions.” S. Shahid

Boost condition 

  • Apply to mid-lengths and ends as a deep conditioning boost to prevent central heating or air conditioning sapping hair of much-needed moisture. Because our complex is silicone free, it won’t ever weigh hair down.

Tip | Try an overnight mask. Smooth on Leave-in perfecting cream, tie hair in silk scrunchie and leave overnight. 

“By far the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used. It works great when air drying my hair, giving it shine, body and volume.” Pauline

Style pick-me-up 

  • For instant texture, smoothness and body, simply apply Leave-in perfecting cream wherever you need

“It can reshape hair and somehow it inflates the hair through the lengths to make it feel thicker. Also leaves a lovely shine. It’s great!” Joanne

Read more Convert reviews and purchase Leave-in perfecting cream here.

Independent User Study 2023. Results based on 100 people applying daily over 4 weeks.

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