Ayurveda; our inspiration in brief

Ayurveda; our inspiration in brief

Ayurveda; our inspiration in brief

Our exceptional formulas embody the best of advanced trichology, while clean, contemporary design abounds on our packaging and within our imagery. Our name, however, conjures up a somewhat different image than this otherwise modernistic ethos…

Brand Origins

‘Chämpo’: a Sanskrit term describing the ancient Indian practice of ‘cleansing, soothing and massaging the head and hair’.

We’re proud of the ancient wisdom that underpins our brand, though you would be forgiven for questioning what Ayurvedic principals really can teach us about present-day issues affecting (among other things) our hair’s health. For those of you unfamiliar with Ayurveda, here we take a brief dip into this millennia-old system and how its teachings have never been more relevant.

Ayur | Life          Veda | Science or Knowledge

Ayurveda: ‘the science of life’. This 5,000-year-old Indian healing system focuses on the inextricable link between the mind and body, prophesying that any disparities in our health and wellbeing can only be resolved by treating both the body and mind (a connection that modern medicine has now scientifically proven).  

Ayurveda categorises our minds, bodies and the world around us using five elements; fire, water, earth, air and ether, believing we are all a unique balance of each. This balance manifests itself in us via one of three character, or Dosha, types:

Vata | dominated by air and ether – creative, full of vitality and always on the go.

Pitta | dominated by fire – energetic, focused and ambitious.

Kapha | dominated by earth and water – calm, laid-back and easy going.

(We delve deeper into each Dosha in this dedicated article.)

While we all have a predominant Dosha, most of us are a combination of two or three – the balance of which is impacted by an array of external factors… the food we eat, exercise we take, environment we live in (including seasons and the weather), work we perform and sleep we achieve. This certainly sounds logical.

We each have our strengths and weaknesses, juggling some pressures more competently than others. But if we don’t nourish our bodies, stay active, minimise the heat, cold or pollution we expose our bodies to, and manage stress or sleep sufficiently, then our energy levels, mood and the health of our bodies, minds, skin and, yes, even our hair are all affected (after all, our hair is an especially sensitive barometer of our body’s internal and external condition).

We increasingly face a myriad of demands in our personal, professional and social lives. Correspondingly, stress levels, respiratory, digestive and weight issues, plus acute skin and haircare concerns have all sharply risen. There has, therefore, never been a better time to address these predicaments.

Western Allopathic Doctors may prescribe pills or, at the extreme, surgery to tackle these issues. In contrast, an Ayurvedic Doctor is more likely to proffer a herbal compound and some lifestyle guidelines. (We know which we would prefer.)

With our efforts solely concentrated on hair, we proudly apply these Ayurvedic principles to our three precise haircare systems – named after the three Dosha types with which they are compatible. Each formula blends actives renowned in Ayurveda for their specific Dosha-harmonising qualities, meticulously balancing this time-honoured experience with contemporary trichology. Authentic, powerful, exquisite to touch, smell and use – the results of these remarkable blends really do speak for themselves, restoring condition, shine and enduring hair health.

In Ayurveda, prevention is key, and diet, lifestyle and self-awareness considered the most important remedies. Understand your Dosha and the specific triggers that impact its balance, and you will attain the power to take appropriate action, minimise their effects, strengthen your natural defence systems and restore harmony.


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