#IChāmpo | Hair tribulations and transformations

#IChāmpo | Hair tribulations and transformations

#IChāmpo | Hair tribulations and transformations

Our founding mission was one of overcoming the impact of modern life on hair health, empowering all women to enjoy healthy hair for life.

Brand Origins

This pursuit sought to address steep rises in hair thinning and hair loss, plus their inevitable impact on self-esteem. Our founder’s own premature hair thinning experience and the discovery that nothing on the market met her needs led her to craft something new, something offering exceptional and enduring performance, something that met the needs of a new generation of haircare consumer.

Following our launch, it soon came to light our three haircare ranges addressed not only the appearance of hair thinning and hair loss, but other hair concerns, including psoriasis, scalp sensitivity and the hair health effects of medical treatment.

Here, we share the stories of how your #IChāmpo discovery has done more than just change your haircare routine.

Health and hair loss

“Chāmpo, your product has rescued my hair since sepsis killed it off. Thank you.”
Beth, Chāmpo convert

A taboo topic for many years, hair loss and thinning are neither something only men experience nor a sole inevitability of ageing. With rising numbers of young women experiencing hair loss and air thinning, we crafted hair blends to effectively overcome these particular concerns.

“Due to medication, I was experiencing excessive hair loss, which of course was very worrying. I’ve been using Pitta for about three weeks now and it has lessened. Most importantly, my hair feels in great condition – it’s soft, has a lovely sheen and looks fuller.”
Susy, Chāmpo convert

“I lost my hair a few years ago after medical treatment. My hair grew back quite thin and fine. I'd thought I'd try Pitta to help my hair feel thicker and fuller, which it does beautifully. However, the best bit is that I have new hair growing! Can't imagine using anything else now, it is amazing.”
W Simpson, Chāmpo convert

“With cancer treatment, I lost every last hair on my head and body. At six months post-chemo, I had a short pixie crop and my hair grew back much thicker and coarser than before. The Kapha range leaves my hair soft without causing it to go limp and flat. It is super shiny and feels strong, which is important to me. I lost so much confidence whilst I was ill, a good hair day gives me a boost; I feel more positive and happy.”
Zoe, Chāmpo convert

“I am 58 and, for the past 3-4 months, I have been suffering from quite dramatic hair loss and thinning, probably due to a severe allergic reaction the last time I had my hair coloured at the hairdressers. Within the first couple of uses of Pitta, I noticed an improvement both in the thickness of my hair and its condition overall.”
Venetia, Chāmpo convert

“Ever since being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, I have suffered from thinning hair and hair loss. I ordered Pitta shampoo and conditioner and have definitely noticed an improvement in thickness and general condition of my hair.”
Angie, Chāmpo convert

“I love this. I swear it’s even helping with my postpartum hair loss.”
Celine, Chāmpo convert

Natural care for scalp conditions

“Used Pitta for the first time yesterday and it’s the first time in months my scalp is not red and itchy. Love it.”
Ally, Chāmpo convert

Proudly 98-100% natural, our seven bespoke Chāmpo blends purposely shun synthetic ingredients, such as silicones, parabens and synthetic surfactants, due to long-held concerns over their contribution to worsening hair and scalp health. Instead, we use carefully selected active botanicals – gentle, effective and suitable for even sensitive scalps.

“I’ve suffered from a sensitive scalp for many years and Kapha balancing has given amazing results! No itchy, flaky scalp. My hair is healthy, shining and soft and, on top of that, it smells amazing.”
Lesley, Chāmpo convert

“I have a non-curable scalp condition similar to eczema; it can be prolific at times with hair loss. Conventional shampoos irritate my scalp and worsen my condition. With Chāmpo, my scalp is fine, I have no irritation and it has greatly alleviated the symptoms. Couldn’t recommend it more.”
Annabel, Chāmpo convert

“I inherited scalp psoriasis from my mother and normal shampoos just made it worse. It was with some trepidation that I bought Chāmpo… but, hallelujah, I have found the brand for me. It really has helped with my flaky scalp; my scalp feels calm and my hair is shiny.”
Jane, Chāmpo convert

Reading these Chāmpo discoveries, and the difference our formulas make to those previously struggling to find hair health solutions, make our endeavours all the more worthwhile. Please continue to share them with us and other Chāmpo converts.

Intrigued to know more? Read further hair stories here, explore our Vata, Pitta and Kapha ranges in more detail, or take our Hair Quiz to determine the right hair routine for your needs.


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