The making of a hair growth icon

The making of a hair growth icon

The making of a hair growth icon

It was the launch thousands of you were waiting for (and had asked for). Three years in the making, Pitta growth serum pushed boundaries in natural haircare innovation and formulation like no other. Now a multiple award winner that’s fast becoming a UK haircare bestseller, this hair growth icon is backed by exceptional clinical and consumer trial results that far exceeded tester and scientist expectations. Who better to share its creation story than our Founder, Kuldeep?

Brand Origins

My starting vision for Chāmpo was to create the world’s best, natural hair growth scalp treatment, no compromise.

…I’d set the bar pretty high from the off. My own concerns about hair thinning, coupled with stories from friends about unsuccessful treatment of hair loss and sensitive scalp conditions made it clear a whole new approach was needed.

Lab work began in 2018. The brief? To craft an industry-leading, natural scalp complex that really delivered the results women wanted. It had to be easy to use, a seamless fit in every daily routine and, of course, an enjoyable product we wanted to put on our scalp - light, non-greasy, no build-up. It took time and many, many formulations. We got there.

Ingredients, planned with precision

Applying breakthrough trichology and Ayurvedic science, our unique, 99% natural complex harnesses in excess of 20 concentrated hair actives. Among these are three particularly high-performing heroes:

  1. Chebula (aka Haritaki Fruit). A renowned Ayurvedic active for its strengthening, nourishing qualities; more recently scientifically shown to reduce the impact of UV damage, oxidative stress and hormonal change.
  2. Caffeine. The International Journal of Dermatology’s ‘stimulator of human hair growth’ thanks to its ability to target DHT, the hair loss hormone, and delay shedding.
  3. Creatine Amino Acid. A nature-identical active to the Creatine occurring in hair and skin, known to improve dried-out, distressed-feeling hair while boosting body and volume.

Positive results from the start

We conducted our own panel tests prior to launch and results came in from as little as four weeks. Users reported quicker recovery from postpartum hair loss, thicker looking hairlines, improved fullness and, with it all, restored confidence.

Since then, thousands of you have shared stories of our ‘miracle growth treatment’. You’ve said it’s helped stop excess hair shedding and breakage, soothed sensitive scalp conditions and activated stronger hair full of body and life. While I believed every word you said (after all, it had transformed my own hairline too), I was intrigued as to what scientific tests might reveal.

Time for clinical trials

We chose to appoint a series of independent clinical and consumer trials. Over 12 weeks, 130 women applied Pitta growth serum once a day. And we eagerly awaited the results.

…Scientists agreed with everything our Chāmpo converts had said:
  • Pitta growth serum reduces hair loss and shedding
  • 89% agreed hair looked thicker
  • 88% confirmed hair looked fuller
  • 87% had less scalp sensitivity

As much as I had every confidence in Pitta growth serum, it was a real thrill to know its now clinically proven benefits exceeded tester and scientist expectations too. Explore each study and the results in more detail in our dedicated article here.

In 2018, I set out to create the world’s most innovative and highest performing, natural formulation. One that gave women hope every day in the quest to conquer hair loss and thinning. It turns out, dreams can come true.

Kuldeep, Chāmpo Founder

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