hair gummies trio


Pittahair gummies trio


A super supplement containing a powerhouse of nutrients and Ayurvedic plant extracts for healthy hair from within.

Trichologically formulated with a team of nutritionists to deliver optimal levels of key nutrients that promote a healthy conditions for hair growth and vitality.

Rich in a suite of B-vitamins, essential minerals and six Ayurvedic Super Naturals to support every stage of the growth cycle.

Naturally flavoured with summer berries.

Three bottles x 60 Pitta hair gummies - your 12-week supply

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+98% Naturally
derived ingredients

Vegan &


Ayurvedic inspired
tailored haircare

How it works

An enhanced B vitamin complex includes biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin B6, thiamine (vitamin B1) and folic acid (vitamin B9), supporting the proteins that makeup hair, helping to energise the scalp and promote hair strength.

The cornerstones of hair vitality, minerals selenium and zinc plus copper, provide antioxidant protection and help sustain favourable scalp and follicular conditions.

A suite of six Ayurvedic super naturals, recognised for their influential role in hair health, include the plant-based nutrients chia seed oil, horsetail extract, pumpkin seed extract, fenugreek, saw palmetto and nettle extract.

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