Weightless Hair Oil | A silicone-free, sustainable mission

Weightless Hair Oil | A silicone-free, sustainable mission

Weightless Hair Oil | A silicone-free, sustainable mission

When crafting any Chāmpo formula, our primary consideration lies not only in its performance but also its environmental impact. Ingredients are key to this and, knowing that several common synthetic beauty ingredients find their way through wastewater plants and out to sea, risking marine life, we choose to never use them.


Our inaugural styling complex followed suit. 

Silicone-free, 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and GMO-free, Weightless Hair Oil is a game-changer in a world of synthetic stylers. Unlike any other finishing serum on the market today, our one-of-a-kind complex achieves the feather-light texture and finish typically realised with silicones through a unique blend of pure plant oils. No heaviness, no greasy residue, just smooth, nourished and radiant hair.

Strife over silicones  

Principally, while some modern silicones are biodegradable, the volatile kind often-used in styling formulas aren’t. Not only have their characteristics induced concerns over an impact on human reproductive systems, but also their unpredictable long-term effects as they accumulate in the environment. As such, the EU recently implemented usage restrictions in rinse-off products… though, as yet, they remain permissible in leave-on formulas.

From the perspective of performance, while silicones appear to boost hair’s smoothness, shine and health, its effects are entirely superficial. Silicones are synthetic polymers – they sit on hair’s surface, preventing moisture penetration, attracting dirt and building up over days. Consequently, they may not only exacerbate already dry hair, but also induce heaviness and greasiness, causing us to wash hair more frequently than is healthy. 

Rising to the challenge

With silicones out of the question, our trichologist and formulators faced the challenge of creating an equally lightweight texture and finish using only naturals. These deeply nourishing and hydrating oils, extracts and esters, however, risk producing over-rich formulations that leave strands undesirably slick.

Our Ayurvedic underpinnings drew us to five focal actives, all but one used in our wash and care range: 

  • Amla Fruit Extract, prized for its antioxidant qualities and ability to rejuvenate damaged hair, reviving suppleness, elasticity and strength. 
  • Turmeric Root Extract, used widely for its remarkable ability to revitalise radiance and restore harmony. 
  • Macadamia Seed Oil, extraordinarily light yet unrivalled in its ability to calm frizz, replenish dryness and enhance shine.
  • Coconut Oil, globally lauded for its inherent conditioning, smoothing and shine-inducing qualities. 
  • Jojoba Oil, an exceptional conditioner and nature’s closest match to our own skin sebum. 

Abyssinian Oil then entered onto our radar; an active so light in feel and finish you would be mistaken for assuming it a silicone. Its ability to impart manageability, shine and protection without any heavy, greasy residue secured its inclusion.

Our final complex was realised – a precise balance delivering the lightest possible feel and the very best results across our testing panel, regardless of hair type…

“It’s so easy to apply. The oil is very fine yet I only used a couple of drops on my very dry hair to achieve noticeably less frizz and more manageability. It’s light enough to use every day.”
Weightless Hair Oil tester

“With two drops my fine, straight hair felt smoother and softer; the ends looked fuller and healthier without feeling at all weighed down.” Weightless Hair Oil tester

An added extra? This 100% natural blend ensured no need for added preservatives. 

Beyond the blend

Before we close, it would be remiss not to mention how environmental considerations extend beyond our formulas. From our shampoo and conditioner bottles to our delivery boxes and printed literature, we adopt a low-waste, sustainable approach across our whole business (a topic discussed in the article Progress and positivity). 

The glass bottle housing Weightless Hair Oil is, of course, recyclable while the dropper (just like the lids on our full-size bottles) can be returned as part of our ‘return-to-recycle’ scheme using the address below:  

SW Group Logistics, 
Unit A, Chelworth Industrial Estate, 
Chelworth Road, 
Wiltshire. SN6 6HE

Find out more about Weightless Hair Oil here.


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