Poise | Behind our Vata essential oil blend

Poise | Behind our Vata essential oil blend

Poise | Behind our Vata essential oil blend

Formulated especially for dry, difficult or damaged hair, Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner feature an exceptional line-up of botanicals to instantly revive the softness, shine and condition this hair type longs for. 


Hand in hand with the actives selected for our Vata formulas is a bespoke blend of essential oils, precisely balanced to the needs of this hair Dosha.

The task of our bespoke essential oil blend, was to calm Vata’s heightened spirits and steady the natural tendency to get carried away. The result is an exquisite, subtle and elegant aroma that envelops the mind from the moment the bottle is opened and lingers tenderly on hair all day long.

Middle note #1 | Geranium Pelargonium graveolens

The refreshing, sweet and floral aroma of Geranium Essential Oil simply excels at calming the anxieties an imbalanced Vata type may experience. Steam distilled from Geranium leaves, the renowned qualities of this natural antioxidant also extend to helping re-balance an under-production of sebum on the scalp and restore lustre to dull, dehydrated hair.

Middle note #2 | Palmarosa Cymbopogon martini

Alongside Geranium, we find another soothing and harmonising essential oil, Palmarosa. Steam distilled from the leaves of this wild-growing native Indian herbaceous grass, the soft, rosy and subtly citrus aroma proves exemplary on those days when you feel stretched too thin – effectively rebalancing an overwrought mood. Furthermore, Palmarosa Essential Oil is also rich in linalool and limonene – both essential compounds for encouraging and promoting healthy hair.  

Middle note #3 | Rose Absolute Rosa centifolia

Partnering these is Rose Absolute, a most beguiling sweet and musky floral. Naturally nurturing, this oil has remained highly prized for centuries – its inherently astringent quality helping tone the scalp, revitalise dryness and boost its overall health.

Middle note #4 | Jasmine Absolute Jasminum officinale

Rounding off our three middle notes is ‘King of aromatics’, Jasmine Absolute - a rich, heady and sweet floral native to India, Iran and China. Millennia of use extols both its remarkable mood-enhancing and physically reviving characteristics, with a few small drops yielding the results you crave. Often used in haircare, it is believed to help protect from environmental exposure, alleviate a dry scalp and lock moisture into every strand, smoothing hair and restoring its natural shine.

Base note #1 | Australian Sandalwood Santalum spicatum

A sustainable alternative to Indian Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood has proven just as notable as its predecessor. Steam distilled from this tree’s aromatic wood, the resulting warm, sweet and long-lasting scent is said to calm nerves, bring solace and fortify inner resolve. Australian Sandalwood’s anti-inflammatory and emollient properties also prove beneficial for this hair Dosha, soothing the scalp while helping soften and condition hair.

Base note #2 | Patchouli Pogestemon cablin

Native to India, Indonesia and Philippines, the profoundly soothing and grounding qualities of Patchouli Essential Oil come from its rich, exotic and sweet aroma – derived by steam distilling the leaves of this herb. Patchouli’s antiseptic and moisturising abilities also make it most befitting for relieving a dry or sensitised scalp and, when blended with Jasmine Absolute and Palmarosa (as we do here), these nourishing benefits thrive.

Base note #3 | Vanilla Absolute Vanilla planifolia

The deliciously warm, sweet and softly alluring aromas from Vanilla Absolute require extensive labour for even a little yield, making it the second most expensive spice after Saffron… however, we’re certain you’ll agree it’s more than worth the investment! Abundant in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Vanilla Absolute will help soothe both spirits and skin.

Base note #4 | Cedarwood Juniperus Mexicana

Steam distilled from the leaves or twigs of the Cedar tree, Cedarwood Essential Oil boasts of one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes, an active that studies show helps calm and re-balance the nervous system. This warm, woody and slightly sweet oil therefore forms a most fitting conclusion to a rather bountiful Vata blend.

For those of you unfamiliar with essential oils, our Ingenious aromas article provides a useful summary on this field and its relevance for Chämpo.

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