Our ground-breaking Acti-power™ Complex

Our ground-breaking Acti-power™ Complex

Our ground-breaking Acti-power™ Complex

Our Chāmpo Acti-power™ Complex - the hero active in our Leave-in perfecting cream - was 12 months in the making. Formulated by expert trichologists and natural chemists, it contains some world-first extracts, created using green chemistry with science-backed results. With such incredible benefits and eco-friendly credentials, Acti-power™ really is a hair industry groundbreaker.


Empowering hair results, inside and out

When hair lets us down, it’s hard to feel upbeat. Strong, glossy and manageable hair that’s full of body is the ultimate goal for all of us, and our Acti-power™ Complex delivers, inside and out - all thanks to four key natural actives.

  1. Solutions for damaged or weak hair historically involved ingredients that act on the top of hair’s surface. The active we use is different. It’s a Gluco-derivative (a natural extract evolved from glucose-based chemistry) and uses new-to-the-world technology. What this means for you is that it penetrates deep into each hair fibre, helping to strengthen and restoring bonds in the inner cortex by up to 3 times (a result tested on caucasian, bleached and Afro hair).
    (Read more about the benefits of bond-building in our Journal)

  2. Amla is an Ayurvedic icon; the active that led to our whole Chāmpo discovery and the hero ingredient in our Vata hydrating system and Weightless hair oil. Acti-power™ isolates Amla’s super-charged antioxidant, nutrient and fatty-acid-rich benefits. These boost hair’s condition, suppleness and strength without sitting heavily on strands.

  3. Renowned as ‘the plant-based alternative to volatile silicone’, we use a precise Olive extract that’s ultra-light and non-greasy. It smooths hair’s outer cuticle, brightens and improves elasticity. This leaves hair feeling silky-soft, in fantastic condition and easy to style - limiting the likelihood of further damage.

  4. Castor is our secret to Leave-in perfecting cream’s ability to achieve intense shine weightlessly on your hair. As it interacts with hair’s natural amino acids, it activates a powerful brightening benefit, with studies proving results of up to 127% more shine when tested on dyed, bleached and untreated hair. Conventionally, silicones are used to add a gloss effect. However, we’ve always omitted them due to their low biodegradability, use of non-renewable petrochemical chemistry and tendency to build-up on hair. Castor is renewable, environmentally safe and produced under green chemistry rules. Healthier for your hair, healthier for our planet.

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