Fortitude | Behind our Pitta essential oil blend

Fortitude | Behind our Pitta essential oil blend

Fortitude | Behind our Pitta essential oil blend

Formulated precisely for fine hair that may be experiencing thinning or loss, Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner encompass a formidable selection of natural actives brought together to revive strength, fullness and body.


When work commenced on this formula, balancing the blend to optimise both instant and long-lasting results proved a painstaking, though most worthwhile, process… part of which was consumed by getting the bespoke essential oil blend just right.

Offering far more than a mere pleasing scent as you wash your hair, securing an essential oil blend befitting of each hair Dosha is just as important to us as getting the broader formulation right.

Deliciously fresh and sweet, offering a scintillating hint of florals and citrus fruits alongside a woody undertone, our Pitta essential oil blend was crafted to promote strength and resilience.

Top note | Petitgrain Citrus aurantium

From the moment you pop the cap on Pitta volumising shampoo, you notice its fresh, subtly sweet-yet-tart aroma. Though steam distilled from the same botanical species as Neroli (which we discuss next), Petitgrain is derived from the leaves of the orange tree, therefore possessing its own distinct aroma. The calming and uplifting qualities for which Petitgrain Essential Oil is acclaimed are ideal for Pitta types, alleviating any high stress situations, while also helping re-balance the scalp.

Middle note #1 | Neroli Citrus aurantium

As the aromas warm, a more intense floral and sweet citrus scent emerges. Derived through steam distilling the fragrant blossoms of the orange tree, Neroli Essential Oil has long been used in aromatherapy for its nurturing, comforting and harmonising effects. Rather brilliantly, it is one of only a few essential oils scientifically proven to increase serotonin in the brain, lifting our mood and restoring contentment.

Middle note #2 | Geranium Pelargonium graveolens

Hand in hand with Neroli is Geranium Essential Oil. Steam distilled from Geranium leaves, this exceptional essence helps calm and uplift through its refreshing, sweet and floral aroma – therefore helping pacify a heightened Pitta Dosha. More importantly, however, Geranium has long been believed to also help breathe new life into lacklustre and lifeless hair. A natural antioxidant, it is best known for helping strengthen both hair follicles and strands while balancing both over- and under-production of sebum.

Base note | Himalayan Jatamansi Nardostachys jatamansi

Native to the mountains of northern India and Nepal, Himalayan Jatamansi is among the more revered herbs in Ayurveda, used specifically to help cool Pitta-related issues. Produced by steam distilling the roots of this wild-growing flowering botanical, the resulting rich, deep and woody aroma is long-lasting and renowned for helping ground and calm.

Some of you may be aware that Jatamansi is a highly endangered plant (due to historically unsustainable harvesting) – we use only an ethically wild-crafted and sustainable source.

On a final note, it goes without saying that every essential oil chosen for our Pitta blend is non-sensitising and therefore perfectly suitable for all skin types.

For those of you unfamiliar with essential oils, our Ingenious aromas article provides a useful summary on this field and its relevance for Chämpo.

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