Weightless Hair Oil | A game-changer in the making

Weightless Hair Oil | A game-changer in the making

Weightless Hair Oil | A game-changer in the making

Introducing Weightless Hair Oil. Our debut styling complex and a truly game-changing hair serum.

Hair Masterclass

Here we detail this unique suits-all formula and demonstrate why we believe it’s an indispensable finishing step in every haircare routine.

Setting the standard

Weightless Hair Oil instantly smooths, nourishes and brightens with no heavy after-effects. Apply just one or two drops of this ultra-light finishing serum daily to dry hair and flyaways are tamed, split ends concealed, moisture restored and shine revived. 

Despite the hair market being awash (pun intended) with serums, the collective criticism of these silicone-laden stylers is that they leave hair flat, heavy and feeling greasy. 

Determined to defy styling convention, we committed to crafting a formula unlike any other; one that is 100% natural, free from silicones or synthetic preservatives found in everyday styling products. 12 months, 15 formulations and countless tests later, our formulations team delivered masterfully.

Great for smoothing flyaways and helping dry
ends look and feel less frazzled.

Weightless Hair Oil Tester

The secret weapon

There is no single standout star in this ground-breaking silicone-free complex. Instead, a series of specially selected plant oils and extracts lie behind its superlative performance. 

In keeping with our Ayurvedic roots, we utilise antioxidants Amla Fruit and Turmeric to revitalise suppleness, strength and radiance. Alongside these, nutrient-rich Macadamia Seed and Abyssinian oils instantly and weightlessly smooth, control frizz and boost lustre. Each botanical boasts a highly impressive line-up of qualities (explore them here in our dedicated article), yet Weightless Hair Oil’s texture and finish remain remarkably light. The result? You enjoy all the benefits you expect from a finishing serum without the residue, build-up or heaviness so often encountered with these everyday formulas.

Tried and tested, for all hair types

Indeed, unlike other serums, Weightless Hair Oil can be enjoyed by every hair type, as its clever complex is designed to complement the needs of all hair Doshas... an advantage confirmed by the tester panel.

Coloured, bleached and natural strands; curly, wavy or straight styles; fine, normal and thick hair types – Weightless Hair Oil works. Our testers agreed unanimously that hair didn’t feel sticky or weighed down, that shine was enhanced and, overall, hair looked healthier.  

“A little goes a long way. Hair not only looks smoother
and shiner but also
feels softer and silkier.”
Weightless Hair Oil Tester 

Pure pleasure

Consistent with our wash and care range, we complemented this debut styling formula with a bespoke essential oil blend. 

Created in partnership with a Clinical Aromatherapist, Neroli, Lemongrass, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils were handpicked and blended, creating a fresh and clarifying spa-like aroma that truly elevates your experience of our game-changing hair oil. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Find out more about how to apply Weightless Hair Oil and purchase it here.


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