Our Founder’s top routine tips for all hair types

Our Founder’s top routine tips for all hair types

Our Founder’s top routine tips for all hair types

It’s interesting how much my haircare has changed over the years. It began minimal at best: A pared-back process performed quickly before moving on to ‘what mattered’. Today, the opposite is true.

Hair Masterclass

Today, my routine matters as well.

What’s changed? I’ve made tiny yet valuable adjustments. Results are greater than ever before, I take more pleasure in daily care, feel in control of hair concerns and my confidence has soared. My routine is less ‘get it done’ and all ‘enjoy every step’.

These simple yet smart additions uplift your routine to work harder, make you feel good, optimise hair’s healthy condition and let its natural beauty shine.

  1. Treat your hair type
    It goes without saying that your shampoo and conditioner should always be right for your hair type and goals. For example, for fine, thinning or falling hair, low-foaming shampoos are a must. It’s a myth that shampoos should foam a lot - you’ll get a more effective and kinder cleanse without it. (Take our short Hair Quiz if you have any uncertainties about your hair type.)

  2. Make your wash more mindful
    Every hair wash, I encourage you to pause and appreciate the amazing aromas of our shampoos and conditioners. Created with a clinical aromatherapist, each blend was designed to uplift, bring clarity and strengthen resolve.

    Take benefits further and massage in shampoo with our Shampoo brush. Not only is this deeply cleansing and scalp stimulating (for better hair health), but it also makes this step relaxing, re-energising and purely pleasurable. It really is the best start, or end, to your day.

  3. Comb through conditioner to raise results
    I wholly recommend combing your conditioner through hair. Our wide-tooth Conditioner comb is perfect for this purpose. You’ll find you need less product and, importantly, results very quickly improve, leaving hair softer, smoother and more balanced.

  4. Think beyond ‘wash and go’
    View your haircare as a routine - it’s all about steps: cleanse, condition, treat your scalp, use a styling cream. Include products that support and strengthen each others’ actions and benefits. When you see the incredible synergies this creates, you’ll look forward to every step.

  5. Tweak how you treat
    Treating your scalp every day, including non-wash days, makes a big difference to hair and scalp health. Pitta growth serum is silicone-free and 98% natural, soothing, invigorating and strengthening without any greasy finish. The more you use it, the better your results.

    It can be used on dry or damp hair, giving you great flexibility. As my hair is thick, I find it easier to distribute through damp hair. On non-wash days, I apply it around my hairline before doing my make-up. Since making both these tweaks, results have really scaled up.

  6. Leave-in perfecting cream is a must for all
    I can’t sing the praises of our styling cream enough. We get messages all the time from customers who love it. It really is the one product everyone should add to their routine for immediate and long-term results.

    Smoothed onto damp hair, it delivers my best-ever blow-dry finish. But, like hand cream, everyday use is key to improved condition. Trust me, used little and often, you’ll see hair’s strength, suppleness and shine soar.

  7. Make Weightless your secret styling weapon
    Weightless hair oil is the cherry on top of our hair system. There’s no going back once you’ve tried it. Some may worry about using hair oil, especially on fine or already oil-prone hair. Ours, however, is silicone free; a 100% blend of the lightest plant actives, so all hair types can use it.

    I keep it on hand at home and work for instant shine and de-frizzing, and love the real mood boost I feel from its super-fresh, natural scent.

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