Oily hair hacks | 6 Trichologist tips for getting rid of grease

Oily hair hacks | 6 Trichologist tips for getting rid of grease

Oily hair hacks | 6 Trichologist tips for getting rid of grease

Nothing beats fresh-feeling hair. But a regularity of dirt and grease can be disheartening. Enter our Trichologist to demonstrate how just a few routine tweaks will train hair to be far less oily.

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Remember, hair oil can be helpful

Firstly, it’s important to note that hair needs the sebaceous glands on your scalp to produce oil in order to stay healthy. Without it, softness, lustre and suppleness diminish, hair’s texture becomes dry and brittle, and the chances of damage or breakage increase. However, in the case of sebum, you can have too much of a good thing. An oily build-up gives hair a dull, greasy appearance, makes it heavy and unmanageable, and can induce dermatitis and scalp sensitivity.

Worry not - there is, of course, a solution. Rather than hiding oily, greasy hair under hats or a deluge of dry shampoo, follow these simple steps to restore happy harmony.

Our Trichologist’s top 6 oily hair hacks

  1. Avoid overwashing
    Ironically, overwashing is the no.1 cause of greasy hair. Yes, hair may feel like it needs washing every day, but this perpetuates the problem by stimulating sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.

    Wash hair 2-3 times a week and, importantly, choose a targeted shampoo that will tackle this hair concern head on. Kapha balancing shampoo is trichologically formulated with toning Turmeric and purifying Coconut Oil. Build-up clears, hair and scalp feel fresher and lighter (though never stripped of moisture), plus you’ll find that daily wash is no longer necessary.

  2. Opt for weightless condition
    Like shampoo, the right conditioner makes a world of difference to how hair looks and feels. Steer clear of applying conditioner at the roots, but ensure the rest of your hair receives the nourishment it needs by smoothing Kapha balancing conditioner over mid-lengths and ends only. Gently comb through for even application and rinse well. Voila! Moisture, shine, manageability and absolutely no heavy, greasy feeling.

  3. Soothe your scalp
    An overproduction of oil signals a stressed-out scalp. And, while it seems counterintuitive to put product on an oily scalp for fear of worsening the situation, this isn’t the case with Pitta growth serum. Our trichologically formulated complex contains Lipo Amino Acid, known for helping calm sensitised scalps and control oil production - apply 1-2 drops daily and massage in.

  4. Style wisely
    When encountering excessively oily hair, certain styling products can really add to your woes. Silicone-laden serums may promise to enhance shine, but also build-up and heighten heaviness.

    Instead, if ends feel frizzy or coarse, apply 1-2 drops of Weightless hair oil to palms and smooth over ends. Silicone-free and 100% natural, our award-winning finishing styler contains the purest, lightest plant oils to instantly tame flyaways, add nourishment and boost radiance.

    A final styling note; try to side-step dry shampoo. Yes, it’s a quick, short-term fix but overuse creates build-up, dehydrates the scalp and induces more sebum production.

  5. Hands off your hair
    Touching hair is another top cause of excess grease, as it transfers dirt or natural oils from your fingers to your hair. Our advice? Try to remain hands-free.

  6. Balanced diet, balanced hair and scalp
    The Ayurvedic wisdom underpinning our formulas teaches us that those with hair prone to oil imbalance and heaviness are more likely Kapha Dosha types - hence the name of our tailored haircare system for this hair type. A diet that’s overly rich in dairy, saturated fats or refined carbohydrates can increase oil production and exacerbate your hair concern. Instead, up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables rich in zinc and vitamins b and e, such as leafy greens, legumes, avocado and pumpkin, plus mango, blackberries and pomegranate.


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