Greasy roots and dry ends? Try these combination hair tips

Greasy roots and dry ends? Try these combination hair tips

Greasy roots and dry ends? Try these combination hair tips

While many brands categorise hair into either dry or oily, like our skin, there’s a troublemaking mid-point making hair routines harder to master: Heavy, greasy roots and coarse, dry ends - aka combination hair. Sound familiar? You can now relax…

Hair Masterclass

We’re here to take the guesswork out of your routine and reinstate happy and harmonious hair days.

In reality, it’s rare for hair to hold the same condition from root to tip. Long or curly hair often has drier ends, as it takes more effort for natural scalp oils to reach the tips. What’s more, factors such as fluctuating hormones, excess styling, pollution, weather, diet trigger imbalance.

A (re)balancing act
As with all hair and scalp tribulations, we turned to our Trichologist for the key dos and don’ts of combination hair care. Here are his top 4 tips.

  1. Correct cleansing controls scalp oils
    Scalps are one of the most sebaceous areas on our bodies and may produce excess sebum due to weather, diet, hormones or stress. Washing hair every day can remove too many natural oils and trigger more sebum production. To avoid this, use a targeted shampoo for your concerns and wash hair 2-3 times a week.

    Our award-winning Kapha balancing system is trichologically formulated for combination hair. Start with our sulphate-free shampoo - a purifying, toning blend of Coconut, Turmeric and Rose Geranium. The key trick with oily roots is to focus shampooing at the scalp, rather than lengths, to really clear excess sebum. After a few minutes, then work through hair and rinse. Hello fresher, lighter hair for longer.

    “The way this shampoo balances the scalp is unbelievable. Used to wash hair at night and by midday next day was starting to get oily. With this, I can extend up to 3 days between washing and no dry shampoo used.” Catalina

    The dry shampoo debate | Yes, they’re a fast fix for greasy roots but more problems arise with over-use. Build-up can dehydrate your scalp, trigger more sebum production and block natural moisture reaching hair’s ends.

  2. Correct conditioning is everything
    We’re familiar with how finding the right conditioner for your hair concerns makes great strides for its look, feel and long-term health. Conditioning technique, however, is just as crucial.

    Kapha balancing conditioner is a silicone-free blend of nourishing Coconut, moisture-locking Vegetable Glycerine and shine-boosting Turmeric. Smooth a little in palms and apply only to ends (not on or near roots). Gently comb to ensure even application up to hair’s mid-lengths, then rinse. And there you have it; softer condition, supple ends, more shine, no heaviness.

    “Kapha is a revelation! After applying two small pumps to the hair ends, followed by a quick rinse and blow-dry, my extremely thick, coarse and willful hair is calm, lustrous and balanced.” Caroline

  3. Don’t disregard scalp stress
    A sudden onset of sebum overproduction signals scalp stress. While honing in on the root cause (i.e. stress, hormones, diet), extra everyday scalp TLC can go far in quickly resolving this issue.

    Pitta growth serum was designed with stressed scalps in mind. Harnessing a soothing Lipo Amino Acid and circulation-boosting Ylang Ylang, we recommend applying 3-4 drops directly across the whole scalp area each day and massaging in with fingertips.

  4. Silicone-free styling, always
    When it comes to combination hair, some styling products can add to concerns. Others, of course, help. Silicone-based products promise to improve the look and feel of hair, but they can build-up which, over time, worsens greasy roots and dry ends you already experience.

    All our formulas are silicone free. Instead, we combine lightweight plant extracts proven to improve smoothness, moisture and shine without building up.

    Leave-in perfecting cream is your ideal pre- and post-blow-dry booster. Containing our own Acti-power™ Complex plus Haritaki, Abyssinica and Jojoba extracts, it helps strengthen hair’s inner cortex, restoring damaged bonds while nourishing, smoothing and sealing the outer cuticle. Smooth 2 pumps through ends and mid-lengths daily.

    Weightless hair oil is the perfect final step in your styling routine. While it may be an oil, this ultra-light, 100% natural award winner is suitable even for combination hair. Focus use solely on your troublesome ends - just 1-2 drops instantly softens, nourishes and glosses.

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