A Marie Claire Hair Awards Winner

A Marie Claire Hair Awards Winner

A Marie Claire Hair Awards Winner

Now in their fifth year, the Marie Claire Hair Awards have firmly established themselves as an authority on the very best hair products on the market. Their 2020 focus lay wholly on championing sustainable, ethical and game-changing hair brands… and we couldn’t have been prouder to find ourselves among the invited contenders assembling at London’s Corinthia Hotel for the breakfast ceremony.

Hair Masterclass

Led by Marie Claire’s Beauty and Style Director, Lisa Oxenham, a panel of over 50 expert judges, including Sam McKnight, Adam Reed, Larry King, Luke Hersheson and Jasmine Hemsley, was carefully selected. 

Hundreds of entries then underwent months of testing and evaluation, with Marie Claire determined to only honour those products “that really worked for your time and money”... which made it all the more meaningful when Pitta volumising shampoo was named winner of Best Natural Ingredient Shampoo.

“I was prescribed the Pitta shampoo and conditioner – strengthening and nourishing, it leaves my hair silky and weightless with vitality."
Lisa Oxenham, Marie Claire Beauty and Style Director

With Pitta’s status as our inaugural (and undoubtedly most challenging) blend to date, this win couldn’t have meant more. Created to counter the hair thinning our founder experienced as a young woman, this 98% natural volumising formula features a unique combination of exceptional botanical actives, including Haritaki Fruit, Coconut Oil and Glucolactone. 

Pitta’s effects are instant, boosting thickness, fullness and manageability in fine or thinning hair. With continued use, hair feels stronger, more lustrous and is protected from breakage. 

“My hair is wavy and coloured so more fragile and susceptible to breakage. My go-to is Chāmpo, as the rich ingredients replenish and act like a barrier to keep moisture in. I use the Pitta range for volume. Chāmpo gets the #LiseOfLife stamp of approval.”

Lisa Oxenham, Marie Claire Beauty and Style Director

With an increasing number of venerable hair awards under our belt, we couldn’t be more thrilled or thankful of your continued support. We look forward to sharing more from Chāmpo soon.

For more information on Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner, plus to purchase travel- or full-sizes of this exceptional range, please visit our Pitta shop page.


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