5 golden rules of great hair care

5 golden rules of great hair care

5 golden rules of great hair care

Whatever our hair type, texture, colour, length or style, we all wish for naturally healthy and beautiful hair.

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And, while here at Chāmpo HQ we advocate taking particular measures to conquer precise hair concerns, there are certain hair routine steps we will all benefit from.

Introducing our five golden rules for holding on to healthy hair.

  1. Show your scalp some love
    We all know that scalp care is where healthy hair starts. As with skincare, regular exfoliation and toning is very advantageous for scalps - clearing dead skin cells, flakes and product build-up, and leaving a fresh, clear scalp on which healthy hair can grow. The easiest way to achieve all this (and more) from your daily routine is with our Pitta growth serum and Shampoo brush

    Enjoy an extra-deep clean as you work in your favourite Chāmpo shampoo with the soft bristles of our Shampoo brush. Post-wash, on either damp or dry hair, massage 3-4 drops of growth serum into the whole scalp. Our advanced complex of amino acids, Red Clover and Ayurvedic Haritaki Fruit helps soothe, tone and stimulate… plus both you and your hair will also love the stress-busting massage.

  2. Tailor your care
    This really is the game-changer in transforming hair’s look, feel and health. Yes, using something quickly available on the high street or in your holiday hotel’s bathroom might be easy, but they won’t deliver the benefits your hair really needs.

    Guided by Ayurvedic wisdom, we categorise hair into three Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Whether hair is Caucasian or Black, straight or curly, colour or chemically treated, dry, damaged, fine, thick or oily, your perfect product fit - and route to nourished, strong, harmonious hair - lies in one of these hair Dosha systems. Take our Hair quiz if you aren’t sure which is right for you.

  3. Style wisely
    We’re all about effortless haircare but appreciate that adding a select few styling formulas onto your routine can be key to achieving your hair goals. But remember, with the right products, less is more… love, don’t overload, your hair.

    Our super styling staple? Weightless hair oil. Just 1-2 drops of this 100% natural, silicone-free formula tames frizz, seals split ends, boosts nourishment and provides a naturally polished finish that’s never heavy. Even better, it’s trichologically formulated to suit all hair types.

  4. Invest in five top tools
    A lot can be said for how the accessories you choose within your routine can either complement or completely counteract the care provided by your product choices.

    Our top 5 tools? Our wide-tooth Conditioner comb for even moisture application and gentle detangling; our bestselling Shampoo brush for a deeper, stimulating cleanse; a round, natural bristle brush to distribute hair oils and add volume during blow-drying; styling appliances with changeable heat settings; and always effective heat protection.

    On that final point, smoothing a little Chāmpo conditioner over mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying helps protect from the moisture-sapping effects of heat styling and keep hair strong, hydrated and shiny.

  5. Keep in trim
    Split ends signal dehydrated, brittle strands. Swift damage control in the form of regular trims every 6-8 weeks will prevent splits moving up the hair shaft - which would require a bigger chop if left until later - and keep hair looking and feeling healthy.



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