volumising collection


volumising collection


The fastest-growing haircare brand in the UK

Our award-winning haircare system sets a new benchmark for naturally healthier hair growth. Clinically proven formulas developed by trichologists to deliver hair growth, condition and shine.


  • "Chāmpo are about to be everywhere: The bestselling hair brand in Harrods and fastest-growing haircare brand in the UK."

  • “Treats the scalp to a peptide and caffeine complex to stimulate growth and delay shedding.” Vogue

  • “The best shampoo for hair loss and volume to boost your locks.” Marie Claire

  • “It’s not just hair growth this delivers - you’ll find it strengthens, conditions and adds shine.” Sheerluxe

Clinically Proven

Pitta growth serum is a clinically proven scalp serum that reduces hair loss and shedding. After 12 weeks of daily use, independent testers found...

  • 90%

    Experienced less hair loss

  • 89%

    Said their hair looked visibly thicker

  • 88%

    Had visibly fuller hair

*Independent user trials 2022. Results based on a 100 person and separate 30 person study, applying once daily over 12 weeks.

A system sold every 60 seconds

Our iconic Pitta volumising system sells every minute, we’ve sold over one million products and proudly help hundreds of thousands of women transform hair growth and health, every day.
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  • Vata

    for dry, damaged hair

    hydrating system
    Best Seller


    hydrating system

    Regular price £72.50£66.50

  • Pitta

    for fine or thinning hair

    volumising system
    Best Seller


    volumising system

    Regular price £72.00£66.00

  • Kapha

    for oily or thick hair

    balancing system
    Best Seller


    balancing system

    Regular price £73.00£67.00

  • None of our products 
    are tested on animals

  • Vegan & Cruelty free

  • +98% Naturally
    derived ingredients

  • Silicone and
    sulphate free

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