Winds of change | Why autumn calls for a hair routine refresh

Winds of change | Why autumn calls for a hair routine refresh

Winds of change | Why autumn calls for a hair routine refresh

Every season bestows upon us its unique beauty and autumn’s arrival has stirred in us a sense of being ready for change…

Hair Masterclass

Though the bright, balmy days of summer will certainly be missed, there’s something very satisfying about reaching for cosy sweaters and boots.

What’s more, all that sun and sea has undeniably taken its toll on our hair which, when combined with autumnal changes in temperature and humidity, have proven quite unfavourable. 

If dry, damaged ends, diminishing shine, uncontrollable frizz and an irritated scalp have been an all-too-common encounter of late, we’re afraid autumn’s cooler, drier air – on top of increasingly heated indoor spaces – are to blame. And there’ll be no reprieve for some time.

Thankfully, just like our changing wardrobe, a few elementary haircare upgrades will make all the difference to hair’s softness, shine and strength… this new season and beyond.

Start right

It goes without saying that everyone should start the new season with a trim. Though warm summer sun and days spent poolside were a pure pleasure, the reality is that hair can end up dehydrated and generally lacklustre. Eliminating damaged ends will undoubtedly give hair the boost it needs to start a new season care routine. 

Reassess your repertoire

If hair isn’t responding like it normally does with your current Chämpo formulas, it won’t be because hair is ‘getting used to them’ or ‘becoming immune’. It’s simply the result of seasonal changes in weather, diet, pollution or stress that have altered hair’s condition.  

If dull, brittle and unruly hair is your core concern, consider switching to our Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These concentrated blends of King Coconut, Amla Fruit and Macadamia Seed Oil draw moisture to the hair and lock it in, instantly boosting its condition while weightlessly smoothing, adding shine and controlling frizz. 

For those of you suffering more with a sensitive scalp, it may well be that you need one of our alternative shampoos. The lack of moisture in autumnal air can induce dryness on the scalp. This brings with it reduced sebum production, increased dandruff and – in more serious cases – hair loss. 

Though the naturally derived cleansers in all our shampoos are sulphate-free, our Pitta volumising shampoo is especially gentle (yet still effective) when cleansing a sensitive scalp. More importantly here perhaps, the formula also contains Sandalwood and Ylang, which are known to offer antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities; helping boost scalp circulation and promote healthy hair growth.

Right techniques for real results

Help reduce the chance for further breakage while enhancing the smoothness of your hair by combing conditioner through your hair in the shower. After shampooing, apply a small amount of Vata hydrating conditioner to the tips, then gently comb from the ends up towards the mid-lengths. Not only will the conditioner be far more evenly distributed, but hair will feel softer and sleeker – meaning it’s unlikely you’ll need to comb it again before you blow dry.

Finishing touch

Vata’s versatility also makes it an effective leave-in treatment. As we more frequently tend to apply heat to hair during the cooler months, smoothing a little Vata hydrating conditioner over the mid-lengths and ends before – or after – you blow-dry and style will help form a protective moisture shield around each strand, preventing further dryness and damage while also adding shine and suppleness. 

In summary, what’s important (throughout every season) is remaining attentive to changes in your hair and respond with the right products. It may well be, for example, that you only need to switch your conditioner or that you only need a different formula for a short time. It may be worth completing our Hair Quiz again or trying some of our other formulas first as a Discovery size to learn what works best for you in order to maintain beautiful condition and health all year round. 

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