Healthy habits for fine or thinning hair

Healthy habits for fine or thinning hair

Healthy habits for fine or thinning hair

There are certainly both pros and cons to having finer hair.

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Drying takes less time, nor do you have to worry about having masses of hair to style each day. Friends will also, no doubt, revere your hair’s silky texture and soft glow.

On the other hand, its lack of resilience or volume proves perpetually challenging when trying to maintain a style. What’s more, if your fine hair goes one step further and starts experiencing thinning then fragility and overall condition also become constant causes for concern.

Making particular changes to your diet will yield abundant rewards for fine or thinning hair (a topic we discuss here). This article focuses, however, on the small yet very effective ways to care for your hair every day, boosting its strength, volume, condition and natural shine.

  1. Massage your scalp
    Spending 10 minutes each day massaging your scalp has a remarkable effect on hair; stimulating the hair follicles and boosting blood flow around the scalp, both of which promote growth and fullness. Try this first thing in the morning, before your shower.

  2. Try not to over-wash
    Fine or thinning hair can feel unclean quicker than other hair textures and types. The key though is to only wash your hair when it is dirty. Opt for every other day at the most and you’ll diminish the risk of damage from over-washing. Before you wash, detangle hair by gently combing it through. Dry hair is stronger and less prone to breakage than wet hair, so this is an ideal time to do it.

  3. Choose your shampoo wisely
    Choosing the right care system for your hair will make all the difference to its look and feel. Pitta volumising shampoo is gentle and sulphate-free, precisely formulated with a bespoke blend of plant extracts, oils and butters to transform fine or thinning hair, restoring strength, fullness and body.

  4. Don’t skip the conditioner
    There’s often the worry that using conditioner will further weigh down fine or thinning hair. Not so (with the right conditioner). In fact, neglecting this step leaves your hair open to dehydration and becoming more fragile. Pitta volumising conditioner contains a delicate balance of actives that weightlessly condition every strand. Enhanced volume is instantly noticeable while, over time, breakage diminishes and long-lasting fullness and body is restored.

  5. Avoid towel drying
    When time is of the essence, the temptation to vigorously towel dry your hair is especially high, yet this increases the risk of breaking strands. Choose a highly absorbent microfibre towel and gently pat newly washed hair before blow-drying.

  6. Gently does it
    While your hair is still wet from washing, opt for a wide-tooth comb to prevent further disruption of the fine strands. When hair is dry, choose a natural bristle brush, working slowly and gently from the scalp to the tips of your hair – this helps distribute hair oils and further boost the condition of your hair.

  7. Moderate any heat
    Avoid any further damage to already fragile hair by limiting the amount of heat styling you put it through. Dial down the heat on your hairdryer too and you’ll soon see a visible difference in its natural condition and shine. As you blow-dry, add extra volume to your roots by using a round natural bristle brush.

  8. Keep it casual
    A loose, tousled style, rather than a tight up-do, will work wonders for your hair’s health, giving it a break from any excess styling and unnecessary pulling.

  9. Don’t suffer while you sleep
    Avoid the risk of any friction from your pillow or quilt by first gently combing out any knots, then gathering hair into a low, loose ponytail before bed.

  10. Stay sun safe
    We’re so conscious of protecting our skin from the sun, but what about our hair? Overexposure to the sun can diminish your hair’s elasticity by breaking down the keratin protein in your hair, so take care to limit how much time you spend in the sun.

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