Hair care top ten tips | Vata

Hair care top ten tips | Vata

Hair care top ten tips | Vata

The glossy and voluminous waves that cascade down over the shoulders of Vata hair types couldn’t be more emblematic of the sociable, creative and scintillating side of this Dosha.

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Unfortunately however, this enviable style can be painstaking to hold onto, unduly affected by trivial changes to everything from diet and sleep to season and schedule – all of which leave it dry, lacklustre and stubborn to style.

Enter our trichologist, with some first-class advice to restore softness, condition and manageability.  


  1. Dial down the temperature
    As welcome as it feels on a cool morning, a hot shower can exacerbate temperamentally dry hair by making your hair strands porous, leaving them open to the elements and therefore more at risk from becoming dry, damaged and prone to breakage. Opt for a lukewarm wash and your hair will duly reward you.

  2. Resist daily shampooing
    Help hair hold onto its natural oils by only cleansing hair two-to-three times per week. Use a tailored formula for your particular hair type, like Vata hydrating shampoo, which gently and effectively cleans your hair and scalp without stripping natural moisture.

  3. The trick is in the technique
    Vata hair is, more often than not, long and wavy or curly. The mid-lengths and ends are therefore much older than hair closer to the roots and need more looking after. Ensure the richly conditioning actives in our Vata hydrating conditioner fully reach these dry, damaged areas or split ends by taking a wide tooth comb and gently combing conditioner through hair. Not only does this evenly distribute the formula, coating every strand, but it also helps detangle knots without pulling or causing further disruption.

  4. Enjoy a moisture mask
    Vata hair really does take a daily beating from the elements… sunlight, wind, rain, the onslaught of winter – the resultant drying and dulling effects seem unfairly sizeable on this hair type. The answer… a weekly moisture mask.

    Smooth Vata hydrating conditioner over hair, focussing on the mid-lengths and ends, and leave on for at least 20 minutes, if not overnight – the King Coconut in the formula intensely nourishes, strengthens roots and leaves hair smooth and lustrous.

  5. Treat the root of the issue
    There are a plethora of styling products out there which temporarily conceal dry, damaged hair, merely masking the concern rather than resolving it. We approach this issue with much more integrity… Among other actives, Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner contain two particularly exceptional botanicals. Macadamia Seed Oil instantly smooths and controls frizz without weighing down hair, while the fatty acids in antioxidant-rich Amla Fruit Extract soothe a dry scalp, help protect hair from environmental stressors and deliver remarkable improvements to its strength and condition.


  6. Pledge to protect
    Avoid heightening the dry and delicately balanced nature of this hair Dosha by turning down the heat on your hairdryer and skipping the straighteners once or twice a week.

  7. Keep in trim
    Split ends are a sign of lost moisture. Ensure you go for regular trims – around every 10 weeks – especially if you hair is longer or appears damaged. In between each trim, apply a little Vata hydrating conditioner on the ends as a nourishing and smoothing boost.


  8. Nourish from the inside out
    Although the benefits will abound all year long, during the winter months be sure to nourish this hair Dosha from within. Keep hydration levels high and avoid cold, dry foods, opting instead for foods high in healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, yoghurt and cheese.

  9. The power of protein
    A strand test that demonstrates limited stretch, or stretches a little before breaking, is a clear indicator that your hair is damaged and lacking protein. Enjoy a balance of chicken and fish in your diet, in addition to lentils, chickpeas and fresh vegetables to boost protein and keep hair supple, shiny and strong.


  10. Switch to silk
    Though it seems very frivolous, a simple switch from cotton to silk pillowcases can offer real benefits for this hair Dosha.
    As you’ll know, cotton is highly absorbent, drawing moisture from your hair as you sleep while also rubbing against each strand. By contrast, silk pillowcases provide a gentle, almost friction-free surface that also allows hair to retain its natural moisture.


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